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The Braiding Vault

Get Braid Inspiration From These 6 Films and Shows

One of our core beliefs here at The Braiding Vault is connecting generations through HAIRitage and we love that recent films and TV shows are celebrating that with us. We are sharing 6 films and shows that give us braid envy, love and pride. Watch these while you get your hair done with our Home Braiding Service where our team of braiding experts come and braid you in the comfort of your own home every Monday. Click here to make an appointment.

He even has your eyes: A French film sharing the experience of a black couple that adopts a Caucasian child. We love how Sali wears and styles her braids in the film.

Jiva: The dance show featuring all your favorite amapiano remixes has us equally hooked to the vibrant and varied hairstyles that as much as the dances.

Blood and water season 2: It is Puleng’s braids and waist long twists and Wendy’s vibrant and exciting hairdos that have us hooked to this Netflix show!

Grown-ish: Yes grown-ish is a young adult show but if this genre isn’t your favorite , stay for all the amazing and perfectly styled braided hairstyles that Zoey is always able to pull off in each episode.

The Old Guard: Cornrows. Worn by a main character is the hair love we never knew we needed.

New Amsterdam: If you don’t fancy the drama that is New Amsterdam, Helens complex but satisfying hairstyle that is a cross between braids, locs and twists will have you fan-girling all the way to the end.

Let us know which films and shows we have missed and which ones you will be watching from this list. Leave a comment below

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