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About Us

Our story

The Braiding Vault Ltd (TBV), founded in 2020 by Joy Adesanya known for her trendsetting vision and astounding expertise in entrepreneurial business development. TBV is a niche salon created to provide protective hair styling, hair and scalp treatments for Afro-caribbean hair. Our primary focus is and will always be any and all braiding styles ONLY!

How we do it
Our brand emphasizes a customer-centric service where the customer’s need is always the priority. We care about your comfort as much as your hair that’s why your braiding experience with us will always be second to none. We offer a relaxing space where clients can unwind in the salon while accepting hair administrations.

We use the best hair products and consult you on the basic hair care needs for hair retention and growth while your hair is braided. This is paramount to us and we don’t cut corners. Our stylists are constantly trained by the best teachers in the hair care game on the right techniques to use. That is why we consult before we braid, we want your hair to see the difference at TBV!


Mission Statement
Our mission is to make The Braiding Vault your number one choice for all your hair braiding style and hair care needs in Africa and beyond.

Core values