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Seamless wooden comb


♥ Helps condition your hair by dispensing hair oils and reducing frizz.
♥ U-shape groove design can easily detangle hair without pain, prevent hair breakage and reduce hair loss.
♥ With natural sandalwood aromatic scent, helpful to relieve tension and refresh yourself.
♥ Round smooth teeth and seamless surface will not your hair and can massage scalp.
♥ Made of natural green sandalwood with exquisite traditional handcraft, good gift choice.


Please don’t make the comb exposed to the sunlight or soak it under water, so as to prolong its life.

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Crafted to be Seamless & Smooth
Resistant to decay
Wide tooth
Round bamboo teeth

Apply an oil to a cloth and use to wipe the comb especially inbetween the teeth.

When comb gets wet please repeat the above step


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